Nobody should freeze to death in America

The Sub Zero Mission believes that nobody should freeze to death in America so we are helping homeless stay warm during winter months.

The volunteers of this organization deliver sleeping bags, tents, jackets, gloves and other warming items to homeless in northeast Ohio and other regions from November into March.

Helping homeless stay warm in northeast Ohio because nobody should freeze to Death in AmericaThe mission was started mostly by veterans, so there is a significant concentration of finding veterans to get them connected to services they have available but might not be aware of.

We need you in helping homeless stay warm

In order to help the cause, the mission has an item donation period from October 1 through December 15 so people can donate gently used articles in order for the Blue Coat Missionaries to distribute on nights that get below 20 degrees. Companies can organize their own clothing drives and other fundraising events for the mission.

You can always donate through purchasing T-shirts, hats or hoodies from SZM through events we attend or right through our website.

Learn more about how we are helping homeless stay warm by watching this video.