Nobody Should Freeze to Death in AmericaTM

The Sub Zero MissionTM delivers hats, coats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags
and other warming items to homeless in northeast Ohio and other regions during the winter.

What we do

We find homeless under bridges, on the streets, in woods and fields, and other places to give them warm clothing and other items to stay warm. Learn more here.

Focus on Veterans

We supply homeless veterans with contact information for services they might not even know are available. SZM was founded by veterans. Learn more here.

Items Delivered to Homeless in 2017-18

Hats - 1317
Coats - 1263
Gloves - 1074
Boots - 369
Sleeping Bags - 312

Ways to Help

From volunteers through organizing collection drives to just donating money, there are many ways to help us. Find one for you here.

Buy SZM Merchandise

Every two shirts we sell puts a coat on a homeless person. See the complete line of Tees, Tanks, Hoodies, Hats and other gear that you can purchase online here.

Watch our videos to learn more

Some videos are informational and some are fun, but they all have the same message…Nobody should freeze to death in America.