Warming Items

Q: What items do you accept as donations?
A: We take the following items:

  • Coats (adult sizes L – 4xl)
  • Hats (winter)
  • Gloves
  • Sleeping bags
  • Boots (on some occasions and only if they are clean and serviceable)
  • Socks (NEW ONLY!)

No pants. No dresses. No toys. No undergarments.

Q: Do you take blankets?
A: We have places that we take blankets, however, blankets and comforters are not practical for the people who live in the streets and alleys. Unfortunately, wet is a factor as much as cold and blankets get wet and become burdensome items to carry for somebody who has no place to leave them.

Q: Do you take kids clothes?
A: The places we go, we do not find kids. Typically, most kids get into shelters with special arrangements and accommodations geared towards people their age. We have places to take items donated for children, however, children’s items take resources to sort, store and transfer.

Q: Do you ONLY help veterans?
A: No. We are looking for the veterans to ensure that they have information to get them back in touch with the Veterans’ Administration and programs tailored to their needs. To find them, however, we help ANYBODY IN NEED WHO CROSS OUR PATH. If they are homeless, if they are destitute, if they need us we are out there to help them no matter who they are.

Q: Can I go out on the bus with you?
A: No. We have a lot of ways to help and to volunteer, however, it is unlikely that you will be invited to deliver the items with us. The team that does the deliveries are a trained group of people and the team is kept small on purpose. Some of the places we go and people who we see and interact with aren’t always safe. Our team works together to train and we preach safety of the team above all else. Part of that involves knowing and trusting the person to your left and to your right in dangerous situations.

Q: Do you have a place that I can drop things off?
A: Yes. Our headquarters is at 1760 North Ridge Rd Painesville Oh 44077. Our hours are M-F 10AM-4PM

Q: I want to help, but I live too far away. What else can I do?
A: There are a lot of ways to help. Most of them are so easy, too!

  • Share our links and events
  • Wear a Sub Zero Sticker on your car
  • Buy and wear some Sub Zero hats, tees and hoodies
  • Between 10/1 and 12/15 organize a coat, hat, glove drive
  • Checks and gas cards can be sent to PO Box 532 Perry Oh 44081
  • Click on the donate button now.

Q: Where does the money I donate go?
A: There are lot of expenses and overhead involved in helping the homeless. Here are some ways that The Sub Zero Mission may spend money donated:

  • New items to supplement the items we hand out or need
  • Fuel, insurance, maintenance of our company delivery vehicles
  • Storage and cleaning of materials
  • Materials needed to advertise and host our events and fundraisers

Please keep in mind that while we are grateful for all of the help that we receive, there is a difference between helping the homeless and cleaning out your garage. We appreciate that people care and want to do something to help, however, we run on a very lean and efficient resource model. Collecting items that we do not use causes us to use these limited resources to sort, clean, store and transport.