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Thank you for visiting our Store! As you all may know, we have been living in a world of uncertainty, which has resulted in extra challenges fulfilling our mission. We ask that you consider making a purchase in time for the coming holiday. If you have done so thank you! Please consider sharing our Store or Items from Our Store on your social media. Thank you!

Every Two Shirts We Sell Puts a Coat on a Homeless Person

Buying SZM merchandise helps in two ways. Proceeds from the sale go directly into funding many of our needs. It also helps spread the word. Check back often to see what’s new each season.

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2020 New Winter Items

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Bike Run

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Graphic Novel: Blue Coat Missionary Issue 1


Issue 1 of the Blue Coat Missionary depicts a homeless veteran struggling with the haunting memories of battle.

Price includes a $2.50 Convenience Fee:
Finished books will be available at SZM HQ at 1760 North Ridge Road in Painesville Township during business hours. We add an online convenience fee to your donation in order to pay for the transaction and mailing charges.

Challenge Coin

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$250 Sponsor a Run


You can sponsor a run on nights we deliver items to the homeless. For $250 we will run “This Run Sponsored By…” posts on the Sub Zero Mission Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. You can find all of our social media at Sub0Mission.