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Advertising an event through a one-page flyer and sharing its digital version on social media platforms is an excellent marketing strategy. Several online tools are available to create your flyer, and we have listed our recommendations. We have also included some flyers created by other volunteers to inspire your design. Additionally, we have provided a list of key information elements typically included on an event flyer. Lastly, we have provided our logo, text content, and disclosures that you can use in your flyer.
Recommended Tools
If you are looking to create a flyer, here are some tools that you can use.

Flyers from Past Events
Volunteers frequently create event flyers; the examples below may inspire your design.
Elements of an Event Flyer
We’ve created a checklist of common flyer elements to help you plan your content.

Sub Zero Mission Branding – 
Logo, Moto, Tag Line, and Value Proposition
Event Title – Sub Zero Mission – Stuff The Bus
Sponsor/Host – Example: American Legion Post 123
Venue Details – Location, Date, and Time
Donations Requested – Example: New or Gently Used Winter Items, Coats, Hats, Boots, Gloves, Sleeping Bags/Tents, and Socks (new only)
What We Do & Our Motto

The Sub Zero MissionTM delivers hats, coats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags, and other warming items to the homeless in northeast Ohio and other regions during the winter.

Nobody Should Freeze to Death in AmericaTM

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Branding Graphics
You can download our logo in two sizes.
Right Click on the Logo and Choose Save (Desktop or Laptop Computer)

Logo 500px by 500px PNG

Sub Zero Mission

Logo 250px by 250px PNG

Sub Zero Mission

Logo 100px by 100px PNG

Sub Zero Mission
You can download these background images for use in your flyer
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Large Winter Bus Image

Flyer Background

Large Winter Bus Image 2


Sub Zero Mission is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Painesville, Ohio that provides warming items directly to the area homeless and veteran homeless population

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