Just some of the hard-working people behind the scenes

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the Sub Zero Mission’s activities. The governing body of this 501(C)3 focuses on the vision, strategies and goals of the Mission.

These are all unpaid positions.

Al Raddatz Founder and CEO of the Sub Zero Mission
Al Raddatz
Chief Executive Officer
Del Bethel is the Chairman of the Board for the sub Zero Mission
Del Bethel
Chairman of the Board
Barb Raddatz is Vice-chairman of the Board for the Sub Zero Mission
Barb Raddatz
Vice-chairman of the Board
Shane Hajjar is Treasurer for the Sub Zero Mission
Shane Hajjar
Karen Suttman is the Director of Events and Fundraising for Sub Zero MIssion
Karen Suttman
Dir. Events and Fundraising