Perry Service Learning Awards $1000 Grant

Sub Zero Mission receives $1000 grant

Perry Service Learning Awards $1000 Grant

Thanks to 64 members of the Senior class of Perry High School, the Sub Zero Mission has $1,000 more towards helping keep homeless warm. These students take part in the Student Philanthropy Program of Magnified Giving.  This organization gives a group of high school students the opportunity to invest a sizeable amount of money into the non-profit community. 

Sub Zero Mission receives $1000 grantAn excerpt from the article: “It becomes a personal story,” he (Student Director of PSL Matt Huston)said. “We’re impacting families and reaching more voices. All 64 of us are making a choice to better lives. This isn’t about looking good on a college application with details of volunteerism or electives — it’s about learning and being part of a bigger world. We hope to inspire a new generation of kids to become active in their communities.”


Read the entire article here.

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