National VFW Magazine features SZM

VFW Checkpoint Magazine

National VFW Magazine features SZM

Veterans helping veterans is how the Sub Zero Mission got started. Now the VFW Magazine has recognized the work that many veterans have been doing to help their own and in doing so helping so many others in need. The Mission was featured in the January/February 2017 Issue.

VFW Checkpoint MagazineHere's an excerpt from the story "Ohio VFW Members Offer Warmth for Homeless Veterans":

“We found a veteran one night in near-zero degree temperatures,” Raddatz said. “His shoes were worn through. His socks were wet and dirty. The smile that he had when the only pair of boots we had on the bus actually fit him was priceless. It makes the hard work in the off-season completely worthwhile.”

Read the entire story here.

See the entire Jan/Feb Edition of VFW Checkpoint Magazine here.

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