The Sub Zero Mission

The Sub Zero Mission

The Sub Zero Mission helps homeless stay warm during the winter months by providing tents, sleeping bags, jackets, boots and other warming items. We do this because nobody should freeze to death in America.

Some of the volunteers of the Sub Zero MissionThis group of volunteers helps find those exposed to the elements in northeast Ohio and other cities in the region then offers them warming items. The 501C3 Organization owns three vehicles to scout and make deliveries in these areas.

The group also concentrates on finding veterans who make up a high percentage of homeless. We have special cards with contact information in order to get them the special help that is available to veterans.

There are volunteers who also work with local shelters and other homeless and veteran organizations. We will help stock the shelters and deliver needed goods.

Sub Zero Mission works through donations

The only way SZM can do what they do is through the generous donations from the general public. We hold donation drives during the year as well as other fundraisers. Corporations and other organizations will also raise money for our cause through fundraisers of their own.

You can see all of the different ways to help here.